Brigid 1500
Celebrating a Woman, a Life, a Legacy

What is Brigid 1500

Brigid 1500 is a comprehensive program aimed at celebrating and commemorating the life and legacy of St. Brigid.

Its main objective is to create a meaningful cultural and societal legacy that resonates with a diverse, contemporary audience. This program engages communities by sharing the story and heritage of St. Brigid, fostering a tangible connection to the past through events and initiatives that maintain ongoing significance.

Brigid 1500 also aligns with the values championed by St. Brigid, including faith, spirituality, biodiversity, sustainability, arts and culture, social justice, peace, hospitality, and education. The program features a variety of events, from festivals and concerts to art commissions and craft workshops, along with a school program designed to solidify St. Brigid’s lasting legacy.