Kildare Local Enterprise Office is delighted to announce the launch of the Retail Window Merchandising Grant Scheme for retailers.

Brigid 1500 offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of St. Brigid whose influence has had a truly global impact, spanning our local communities, county and far reaching across the globe. To celebrate Brigid 1500, Kildare County Council is co-ordinating a host of exciting and diverse projects honouring all aspects of Brigid’s life and influence. Brigid has many different legacies; religious, historic, cultural, artistic, symbolic, inspirational, and feminist and her name is closely associated with nature, folklore, emigration and peace.

The inclusion of a Retail Window Merchandising Grant Scheme provides our retail community with an opportunity to become involved in the celebrations and generate excitement and display their creativity ahead of St Brigid's Day on 1st February 2024

Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant 2023 - Local Enterprise Office - Kildare