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‘Inextinguishable’ by Greg Hallahan Celebrating Brigid 1500

February 1 @ 8:00 am February 29 @ 5:00 pm

Location: Solas Bhride Cetre, Kildare Town

Welcome to “Inextinguishable,” an art exhibition where I celebrate the spirit of Brigid using recycled cardboard as my canvas. Brigid, a revered figure in Irish culture, holds a special place in our hearts, making her influence truly ‘inextinguishable.’

My artworks, crafted from recycled double corrugated cardboard, breathe new life into this common material sourced from shops, stores, and even friends and family. By using this everyday material, I aim to recycle and reintegrate it into the very idea of transport, as seen in cardboard boxes moving products. This process also symbolically connects with the myths and stories of Brigid and Saint Bridget.

As you explore the exhibition, you’ll notice the sculptural presence of the artwork in space. Playing with inner and outer surfaces, it beckons the viewer closer and pushes them away, creating a dynamic engagement. To me, the connection between the structures and the material is profound – both hidden in plain sight, often taken for granted, yet possessing an inner power and beauty that deserves recognition. Come witness the fusion of myth, material, and art in a celebration of Brigid’s enduring significance.

If you have any queries about the work or if you are looking for pricing, please contact Greg on any of the following below:


[email protected]