Storytelling: Glorious Goddess of Ancient Ireland with author, Karen Ward

Leixlip Community Library Friday 3rd February 3.30pm-4.30pm

Karen Ward, writer of Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland, is delighted to come to the Library to tell you all about the amazing Celtic Goddess and Matron Saint of Ireland Brigid as we celebrate her special new national holiday. Did you know that as a triple Goddess she had three magnificent talents and as our Irish female saint she had a pet fox who could do tricks and hung her magical cloak on a sunbeam? Join us for this fun and informative session about this Glorious Goddess.

Dr Karen Ward is a writer, lecturer, teacher and psychotherapist. Trained in the Celtic lineage and Druidic traditions, she is the author of Change a Little to Change a Lot, co-editor of Soul Seers – an Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism, Goddesses of Ireland: ancient wisdom for modern women for adults and most recently Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland for children.

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