Carrying her Flame - Saturday, 4th February

LUXE Route

Photo credit: LUXE

Carrying her Flame - Saturday, 4th February

A celebratory seasonal spectacle bringing light and fire to honour St Brigid.

Landscape Theatre Company LUXE, Brigid 1500 and Kildare County Council bring fire and light to the town square. A feast of lanterns, procession and fire performance to kindle Brigid’s flame, light up the town and mark the changing seasons.

LUXE will bring flame from the top of Kildare Town and spread light around the square before bringing the audience on a processional journey to a fiery finale. Celebrating Brigid, Lá Féile Bríde. St Brigid, Imbolc, the goddess, the feminine and the returning light after winter on Ireland’s New National Holiday weekend. Please arrive early and dress for the weather.  A traffic management system and road closures will be in place.

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